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..It just sucks harder and not from me. Had to share. This track reminded me of one of my most popular tracks.

New Gear.

2012-04-17 03:32:53 by JonH2O

Big shout out to one of my favorite style animator: Catoblepas.

The beginning of this year, Catoblepas spent some time on making a video for one of my raps. Watch the video to "Fastest Rap on NG"

Though questionable material, amazing technique in animation..and I can relate in this way: Although what I'm rapping about doesn't make referential sense....I really like the way I'm good at rapping fast and syllable play....and that's why I do it, lol. Having any meaning, allusive at best, is a bonus.

New Gear.

I need space!

2011-04-17 03:27:36 by JonH2O

It's very difficult for me to work on music without the proper speakers..and also no equipment!

I still have the software. Still have a microphone. No space.
Just a laptop.

I've been busy with other things. Namely, my own business. Trying to work for myself.
Financial stability with eventually lead to a great audio workspace. By that time I'd like to think I'd work on music!

I've opened up Reason only a few times for several minute sessions. Just haven't been feelin' it.

Trinity Lounge on Thursday nights. Seattle. I'll be there leaving it up to the pros.

I need space!

I Have Three Unreleased Songs

2011-01-10 03:58:21 by JonH2O

Nobody cares to read that, right or wrong?


2010-06-02 05:26:47 by JonH2O

Getting everything in order. Taking care of unfortunate accidents.

JonH2O - Keyboardist

If you'd like to work with me on a song, message me and I will get back to you.


2010-01-30 21:04:38 by JonH2O

Still gone from music. I will return one of these days.....


New Freestyle Featuring Kyle Sampson

2008-04-27 04:10:08 by JonH2O

B-town, 360, Puget Sound you know!!!!
Kyle and I spent some time freestyling on a beat by WyteNoiz. Listen!!

Finish Your Song Before MIXING

2008-01-15 07:37:27 by JonH2O

I spend too much time perfecting a synth and playing with reverbs and all that stuff.
Maybe that's why my older music was so bizarre.
I forget to finish a song before I begin mixing and panning everything.

AIM: JonWatersSaid

Finish Your Song Before MIXING

PowerMac G5

2008-01-10 07:05:06 by JonH2O

Got a new computer.
Pretty excited. Dual displays! WEE.

Next step is Pro Tools.
Probably a 002.